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Deniesha Johnson

Principal Event Planner, Creative Director and Owner

Deniesha found D. Johnson & Co. Events as a way to capitalize on her interest and educational background after graduating from Florida A & M University in 2005. Deniesha has always enjoyed hosting parties, gatherings or setting up special dinners paired with a passion for the industry and over 10 years of an art/design and special events background. Not to mention her 10 years in the field of Project Coordination/Management, Deniesha embodies the very being of creating timeless events.  She has such creativity in her design and planning process, a patient demeanor when working with her clients, a strong organization skill and a precise attention to detail; it's no wonder her events seem to come together so effortlessly. 

Deniesha's goal for every event is to give the client an event that is as unique as they are. By listening to her client's every need she is able to produce a beautiful and fun event beyond the client's wildest dream. 

Today, Deniesha is slowly growing her company one event at a time, she has now incorporated more of her custom design work into her client's events to give them that special personal touch that makes working with D. Johnson & Co. Events, your #1 source for events created just for you!