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Monday's Message: Welcome to the New and Improved site


Hello Lovelies

The last few months have been moving pretty productively for me. It all started after being introduced to a cousin who is not only a Godsend literally and figuratively but she too is an event planner and a darn good one if I do say so myself. She has been a great mentor to me and she along with a few other supportive resources recommended that I rebrand myself to attract the clientele and business I would like to represent and be a part of.

With that being said, the website was on my list to start, I wanted something with a more clean professional finish yet with a soft... maybe even a little romantic appeal. Because I switched sites, I lost my previous blogs to the old website. However, I plan to bring them over one at a time for history sake but I want to forewarn you that some of my post may be dated incorrectly as the post is relevant to the original date I initially posted it on the old site, this new blog won't let me alter the date to the past I can only connect to a the present date or a date in the future. My posts regarding MLK day or Valentine's day will have a March date on it.  

I hope you excuse this oversight but accept the information nonetheless as I truly want to share my tips, trends and favorite event planning information with you. Once all the old are moved over then we'll get right back to posting current and up to date blogs for your pleasure!

Have a wonderful evening,