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Tasteful Tip Tuesdays: D. Johnson & Co's planning Tips every bride should read


Original Post Date: December 6, 2016 | Deniesha Johnson

With 6 years professionally planning events flawlessly down to the finest detail, Sr. Event Producer Deniesha Johnson reveals that these top 5 tips can help any bride plan a successful wedding. 

1) Figure out where your creative strengths lie and do at least one DIY project for your big day... whether its the floral centerpieces or making a personal favor gift for your guest, its those small things that your guest will appreciate after attending your wedding. 

2) When in doubt or overwhelmed with the planning, stop and change the plan. No, NOT the plan for your wedding but change your focus to planning your honeymoon, bridal shower or bachelorette party/trip to distract yourself. The mini break will not only allow you an ease of heart but a fresh and clear mind to return to your wedding plans when you're ready. 

3) A lot of our brides have this idea that they can do it all and will do it all to save money or to make their big day have that personal touch they envisioned but then they began to feel really stressed with deadlines and pressure that they put on their selves. However, our motto is don't try to do it all by yourself! Ask for help or hire the help... there's a lot of great resources that are right in front of you if only you'd just ask. And as long as that resource understands your vision... that personal touch, your story or theme you are seeking can still be carried on through the use of their help. 

4) We know not all budgets can afford it but if you can... don't have a cash bar. Most of the time, your guest are expecting to come and enjoy the day with you but everyone looks forward to the meal and drinks. No one is expecting to pay for those two things. However, if you must have a cash bar, consider these options: Pay for the drinks only during the cocktail hour and/or during dinner, offer a glass of champagne per guest for the toasts only or one of our personal favorites, offer a signature drink or two at no cost to your guest for the evening.

5) I know it's easier said than done but try not to get too caught up in the planning and the small details of planning your wedding, besides... that's what I'm here for! Your wedding is just for one day after all; make exceptions, be flexible, be willing to compromise and relax because the point of the wedding is to have the celebration that begins the journey of your marriage! So when things begin to get tough, just keep saying to yourself, "its just the wedding to get us to OUR MARRIAGE!"



Deniesha Johnson