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Tasteful Tip Tuesday: Your guide to all of your wedding festivities

Original Post Date: January 17, 2017 | Deniesha Johnson

If you're knee deep in planning your wedding and begin to wonder what about all of the other wedding festivities? Well the good news is for all of the pre-wedding parties, you shouldn't have to plan a thing as your family or bridal attendants should take the reigns. Yes... you will have to learn to trust their decisions for food, decor and entertainment.

However, if they happen to need a little direction, here are a few tips you can provide them:

The Engagement Party

What is it: Think of it as the kick off to all the wedding events leading to the altar. It is usually a cocktail party hosted at someone's home or your favorite restaurant. 

Who hosts: Usually it is hosted by one or both parents of the newly engaged couple. Although if you have a relative or good friend that would like to offer the bash, then that's fine as well... however, don't expect anyone to host this party for you. 

Who attends it: Primarily the bridal party, family and close friends. Usually you'll want to keep it as intimate as possible. 

Why have it: Having an engagement party is a great way to celebrate your engagement of course, but it's also a fun way to introduce your families if they haven't already met. 

When to do it: Within 3 months after the engagement announcement

The Bridal Shower

What is it: A shower honoring the bride-to-be with gifts for her new married home. 

There are three major components to keep in mind when planning this event, refreshments, activities/games and quizzes and the bride opening her gifts.

Who hosts: Whoever would like to but it is said that the Mother and Sister(s) of the bride aren't supposed to. However, it is purely a personal decision on that. 

Who attends: Close female family and friends, keep in mind you don't want to invite someone you don't plan on inviting to the wedding. 

Why have it: The bridal shower is an opportunity to provide gifts for the newly wed's home but also an opportunity to socialize with family and friends. 

When to do it: 4-6 months before the wedding

Good to know: The bride must write a personalized thank-you note to each guest for attendin.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Her What is it: An excuse for girl bonding whether it's a wild party or a classy girls night out, weekend get away or spa day. Just any excuse to relax and really enjoy yourself. 

His What is it: Similar concept... whether a night of debauchery or an opportunity to have some guy time with close friends or family. 

Her Who hosts: The maid of honor or matron of honor

His Who hosts: The best man

Her Who attends: primarily the bridesmaids but close friends and family are included as well

His Who attends: groomsmen and close friends and family

Why have it: With all the stress and anxiety planning a wedding can bring, this gives the soon to be's an opportunity to let loose and have fun

When to have it: 1-3 months prior to the wedding although you may wan to avoid the week before due to a list of major to-do's you don't want to miss but most believe it's to be done the night before the wedding which is a complete misunderstanding as you don't want to show up to your wedding drunk, hung over or miss it all together.

Rehearsal Dinner

What it is: A dinner to celebrate the honorees of the wedding. 

Who hosts: The groom's family

Who attends: The bridal attendants, parents, grandparents, siblings and some out of town guest could be included. 

Why have it: It gives you an opportunity to celebrate more intimately before the big day but also to provide those who helped put on the event, your attendants and parents with a gift to show your token of appreciation. Especially if that gift is something that they should/could wear the next day. 

When to have it: It is usually held the evening before the wedding, after the rehearsal is finished

Good to know: Because it is the night before its best not ot plan the party for too late or to run late so that everyone can be well rested for the next day. 

Post-wedding Brunch

What it is: If you're not leaving for your honeymoon right away; having the brunch is a great way to wind down the festivities.

Who hosts: The newly weds

Who attends: Family, close friends, the bridal party and any guests that are still in town

Why have it: Its a final way to thank your guests, friends, family and bridal party as well as an opportunity to open your gifts and share another intimate moment with everyone. 

When to have it: The next morning or afternoon after the wedding.