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Thursday Thoughts: Choosing your wedding colors

Original Post Date: January 19, 2017 | Deniesha Johnson

Now that you're engaged and selected a date, you're probably ready to get started with planning your wedding. However, sitting down to select your wedding colors and theme for your day may not be as easy as putting your two or three favorite colors together and using them as the core foundation for your event's style and aesthetic. 

Here I have put together my guide to help you choose your colors. 

1) First thing first... is consider your location. If you don't have any colors in mind, when selecting the venue, keep a close eye to the details of the space such as permanent decor items, lighting fixtures, window shutters on the inside, doors, curtains, oriental rugs or that burgundy and green carpet covering the entire room. While you won't be able to do much with removing them just for your event, you may now need to consider a color palette that'll work best in that space.

Otherwise, if you have some colors in mind that you'd want to use and don't want it clashing with permanent decor items in your venue, then you may want to look at venues that are blank slates such as converted warehouses, lofts, or tents (if weather permits) as you'll be sure to make any color palette work in these spaces. 

2) Follow your heart.... if you have been dreaming of having your aisle lined with bright yellow Chrysanthemums and white roses, then you should use that as a starting point in selecting your wedding colors rather than putting something together and trying to work in yellow and white floral decor after the fact as that may look out of place. 

3) Consider the season... Another point to think about is the season. Some colors are best used during a certain time of the year. Such as cherry red is a great color to use in the summer, and a deep burgundy is best used in the fall. Barn red or Merlot is great for the holidays during the winter and a Poppy red just screams spring. Selecting the right shade of a color based on the season can help immensely in choosing your color palette.

4) Set the mood... Does your wedding have a mood, a vibe or atmosphere that you're trying to portray? Selecting a great pair of colors can help bring out a more dramatic touch rather than the soft romantic mood other colors embody. 

5) Stick with what you like.. Look around your house, your office desk, your closet or at your car. What colors do you see and what colors seem to really speak to you the most? In looking at what you use to decorate your home or what you like to wear the most, may also offer some help toward what wedding colors will best represent you. 

6) A little research never hurts... go visit a few paint shops or textile & fabric stores, tour a few art galleries, page through a couple magazines. Attend other weddings or even stroll through a home furniture store. That is where you'll best find inspiration... What style, look, mood or colors do you gravitate toward. You'll be surprised with what can spark creatively after you have taken some time to just browse around. 

7) Compromise... Between the two of you, list out your top favorite two- three colors and see what match combinations you come up with. The best part about it is you both got to have a part in the selecting which will make the wedding day feel like a complete representation of the two of you rather than one more than the other. Also keep in mind that you don't just have to limit yourself to 2 colors... some great weddings have had up to 5 different colors in them. Let the sky be your limit!

8) Consult a color wheel or color palette generator app to see what colors go well together. Using these tools will offer what cool colors pair the best with the warm colors. But they can also be used best to determine the "classic" color palette of choosing a bright, saturated color and a neutral... my favorite is Teal and copper.

Some of the online color generators to look at is:

The perfect palette - here you select a color then see images from real weddings from the last year displaying the color scheme you chose. 

The wedding wire - this generator starts with you selecting the season, then your primary color based on that season. Once you've done that, it'll offer you a few options of up to three colors using your primary color and two pairings to go with it. 

Overall, try to relax and don't over think it, don't allow the stigma of wedding traditions to restrict or limit you. Also, know that not every party of your wedding has to match perfectly, just be sure to keep your wedding's style, formality, textures, mood and aesthetic in mind and you'll be just fine!