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Tasteful Tip Tuesday: Baby Shower Planning made easy

Original Post Date: February 7, 2017 | Deniesha Johnson


We don't just plan weddings y'all. We recently received a request to plan our first baby shower under D. Johnson & Co. And I realized when I consulted the client, people don't know a lot about planning a shower and proper etiquette like I thought they would. 


Planning a great baby shower can be just as much work almost as planning a large event. There are so many details to include now and the Mom-to-be is excited to celebrate her new arrival in a fun way which takes a lot of creativity. 


While the details that go into planning may feel like a big deal, they really aren't... here are some of my top tips to consider when you plan your next baby shower. 

1. Pick a theme that is fitting for the occasion; whether its a set of colors or based on the gender of the baby. Whatever you decide, keep in mind to never let the party feel like a bigger deal than the birth of the baby. Have a creative/ unique vision paired with a few personal touches to make it special.


Trending Tip: save the reveal of the gender for the shower, have an activity where your guest can vote on the sex and share the big news with balloons in a box or most popular is the filling color of the cake under the frosting. And for all of your guest that were on the winning team, give a small token of your affection so they can feel that much more connected to you and your baby. 


2. Choose a fun and fitting invitation in relation to your theme. For your guest, your invitation is an introduction to what they can expect to experience at the shower.

3. Most showers are meant to be intimate, where you invite only your close family and friends. However, some people have decided to go co-ed or have large family or lists of friends. If this is the case for you consider a venue fitting for the theme but also large enough to fit the guest.


4. Decorations and set up. Some Moms-to-be expect or desire an elaborate set up almost like a formal event such as a wedding. But others like it simple... a cute garden tea party in the back yard on nice warm day or modern gathering in her favorite restaurant's private room can be fun. Keep the decor simple, personal, creative and right on with the theme and its sure to be a hit!

5. Food and drinks are the big hit of the event... almost expected by most of your guest. Usually because of the mingling and movement of the activities, you want to choose delightful and dainty foods with some spiked and non spiked bubbly to wash it down. Consider food stations with finger foods and smaller portion meal options in two or three areas in the room as it won't stop your guest from participating in the shower fun. 

Trending Tip: Dessert and candy tables are usually a must with elaborate themed cakes and treats. Color coordinated candy or even popcorn and carrying containers is a joy for not only your eyes but your mouth. This could also be consider the favor for your guest as well. 

6. Give out personalized favors. It can be something you made for them to eat and enjoy or something cute to commemorate their experience at your shower... something that they'll forever remember to think of you and your baby when they look at it. 

7. The activity and games... I suggest that you choose somewhere from 3-4 different games. One that begins from the time the guest walk in the door until after the gifts are opened is always good to have. But you want them to be fun, fitting and entertaining. And you don't want anything that will embarrass the guest of honor or her mother.  Be sure to offer some cute theme related gifts for the big winners of each activity. 

Tip: A fun ice breaker game to play that is fun, is to have your guest send a copy of their baby picture (for the host... don't let mom or dad-to-be see), buy the at home iron-on kit and print the images on to the iron-on (be sure to add the persons title such as "Auntie Karen's baby" on the back where nobody can see) and have the image ironed on to a onsie. Hang the onsie up on a clothes line at the party and have mom-to-be guess who's baby picture is who. For every wrong answer mom has to chew a half piece of bubble gum and continue to add to it if she gets it wrong again. 

It'll be fun to watch her attempt to think she knows it all but she also gets to keep a slew of onsies for the baby. 

8. Gifts... this is usually why people have a shower so that mom-to-be is showered with gifts for her new baby. Usually the etiquette is to anticipate the items you need most within those first few months of baby's life; Diapers, bottles, pacifiers, onsies, body care products, maybe a few outfits, blankets, toys and books, car seat and stroller. Furniture for both mom-to-be and baby may be provided but don't ever expect it. 

Planning Tip: Keep a box with supplies near mom-to-be as she opens her gifts so you don't have to hold things up running around looking for it. (Items like a trash bag, scissors, pens/markers, notebook and some tape.)

Also pre-label a few boxes or bags for the gifts so as mom-to-be opens the gift you can pack up her gifts for easy carrying home but will also serve to help her unpack at home. This way she doesn't have to worry over trying to account for several different bags or boxes.