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Monday Message: Planning the Perfect Proposal

Original Post Date: February 6, 2017 | Deniesha Johnson


Are you thinking of getting engaged? Are you trying to figure out when and how to pop the big question?

As, some of you may know, between Thanksgiving through Valentine's day is considered Engagement Season. While folks get engaged every day throughout the year... it is heavily done during November to February in association to the holidays. And with only 8 days left before the final day of this "season", I thought I'd share 8 tips that can help you plan the perfect proposal. 

1. The Symbol to seal the deal... make sure you have the ring or something to symbolize the proposal to make it official. If your significant other (SO) is a true Carrie Bradshaw fan, you may be able to get away with proposing with a pair of very cute and stylish Manolo Blahnik shoes otherwise if you want your SO's opinion on the ring, then ask the jeweler for a loaner ring so that when you bring it back you can exchange it for the one that best suits your SO. 

2. Timing is key... You don't want to rush it so make sure that you have a well thought out date that won't interfere with a busy work schedule or other previously planned activities or events. 

3. Express your love as best as you can... so write out your speech in a cute and significant way. Commemorate your love for your SO in a love letter or in a cute short book. You can try to practice the speech a little but no matter if you do, you're bound to be nervous, anxious and excited so really just speak from the heart and try to keep it to about 5 minutes. 

4. Location, location, location... while it would be nice to wisp away to a romantic beautiful beach on a tropical island like on the TV show The Bachelor, if that isn't something you can make happen, since we all don't have it that wonderful. Just think hard and consider the destination that best fits you as a couple; whether its a sentimental spot as the place where a first happened... date, kiss or moment you knew they were the one. As long as there is a special meaning behind it, nothing else will really matter.

Also consider something that is suitable for the potential size of the proposal if you're including a viewing crowd to be present.

5. Intimate or Public? One of the most difficult decisions is choosing whether to make it an intimate moment or have it public with family, friends and maybe even a few strangers. All of that really depends on your SO... do they prefer it best when its just you two or do they love having family and friends to share in your moments? Also consider how you'll feel with an audience, especially if you're not sure of the response. You want it to be special memorable moment for you both. 

Another way to determine is how do you think they'll want to celebrate after they answer the big question? 

6. Make it a special occasion... hopefully you only have to do this once and you want it to be memorable and unique to your couple style so dress up or dress to the occasion in a way that makes you feel confident, sexy and ready for your future together. 

7. Try to find a way to capture the moment so you two can relive it. There are photographers who are offering this service now... to capture this moment for you. If you don't want to hire a professional then set up your camera or ask a family member/ friend as I'm sure they'd be delighted to have played a small role in your special day. 

8. Finally, be creative and try to make it as romantic as possible ... again, you'll only do this once hopefully. Bring your A-GAME; pull out the candles, roses, your SO's favorite love song and some champagne. Watch her favorite romantic movie to get some ideas. Or be creative with a romantic scavenger hunt. Whatever you choose to do, I wish you luck and a lifetime of happiness and love!!