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Tasteful Tip Tuesday: Planning a great Valentine's Day

Original Post Date: February 14, 2017 | Deniesha Johnson


Today is Valentine's day and it's a day all about love... while we shouldn't limit ourselves to just this one day, we are given an excuse to be the sappy love sick people that we are. However, most equate this day to celebrating a love from a significant other but it is also celebrating love you get from a parent, a child, a sibling, a best friend, a grandparent, cousins, your favorite aunt or even the love you have for yourself. 

However, the hopeless romantic in me wants to share some helpful tips for how you can plan a very simple but thoughtful Valentine's day for you and your special someone. 

1. Pick a theme

Tip: The staple and easiest theme is a red and white theme... you'll be able to find so many items in those colors around this time that it makes shopping for props all too easy. 

2. Decide what you would like for your day... will it be dinner and a movie or dinner and an activity? 

Tip: If you choose dinner, it's more special if you cook rather than leaving it to someone else... unless you just can't cook at all. But in sticking with your theme, if you choose to do dinner, consider making spaghetti as the red sauce with white noodles will be consistent with your color theme. You can also serve it with red and white dishes, place settings and tablescape decor. 

Also, be sure to let you SO know that you want to take the reins for the V-Day plans this year.

3. Think of creative ways to invite your SO... give them a cute scavenger hunt starting that morning through out the day leading them to dinner with you. 

Tip: I once did a treat a day for 14 days...the final clue led him to my house by a certain time to have dinner with me. One of the treats was a scrapbook sticker made to look like a suit... details and all (because I remembered he said he wanted to add more suits to his closet). While this was more of a funny gag gift, I left a note that said, I told you I'd get you a suit and while you may not be able to wear this one, just know that I'm listening because I promise the real one will come soon enough. However in the meantime make sure you dress nice for our dinner tonight in something grown and sexy.

4. Choose an activity that is good for the both of you... my mother always said that you can't expect someone to know what you want or to even do what you want, even if you dropped enough hint's. Instead of waiting for them, plan it or do it yourself. If there is something that you've been talking about doing but never made time for like a couple's massage or a paint and sip date make this evening the night you try it out together. 

5. Presenting the gift... personally, time with together on this day should be gift enough for you both but if you decide to purchase gifts I suggest you make sure that it is both romantic and thoughtful. But you can never go wrong with tending to the 5 senses.. Sight, touch, smell, taste or hearing. 

Tip: The sight gift could be that painting he/she has been eyeing, touch is a massage or sensual yoga class, smell is either the flowers or that cologne/perfume that he/she always wanted. Taste could be chocolate covered strawberries or the dinner you prepared and hearing is reciting that poem you wrote just for them or taking them to a nice concert. 

Whatever you decide to do make it enjoyable because when you love someone, taking the time to be attentive to their needs, wants and desires should come easy. Again... the best part about celebrating Valentine's day isn't about what you do or what you got but the fact that you spent quality time with those you love the most in this world.