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Monday Message: Investing in the future

Original Post Date: February 13, 2017 | Deniesha Johnson

Happy Monday, today I got the luxury to volunteer at my daughter's school. Thankfully this wasn't my first time doing so this year but my fourth, however, I wanted to make this time a big deal because it was African American Parent Involvement Day. 

Culturally, we have been crippled by our careers or jobs to not have the opportunity to invest into our children as we should because we may not be able to. But this is one of the main reasons I am working to build D. Johnson & Co Events so that I can be that entrepreneur that has a great work life balance. 

I hope that you are all able to find some time... even if its taking the time to have lunch with your babies at least once before this school year is up, as it makes all the difference to them. It also gives your child the opportunity to learn the importance of having a work life balance... let's teach them how to create the life they want and need to live. Help them to see that your job is the placeholder to your career but your career doesn't have to be your life. It also doesn't have to be all work; we have to learn to give back, play and enjoy life as much as we can because if we don't... what are we doing it for?

#MotivationalMondays I took a moment from D. Johnson & Co to invest my time into the future, my daughter, so she knows that I care about her just as much as this business. But I also hope she knows that everything I do is for her. 

Enjoy your day!