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Tasteful Tip Tuesday: Wedding dress tips by body type

Original Post Date: February 1, 2017 | Deniesha Johnson

When it comes to envisioning your wedding... the first thing most brides think about is the dress. You want it to be the perfect representation of your wedding's style, your personality but so perfect and gorgeous that it leaves a lasting memory of you as the most beautiful bride ever. 

The one thing I learned over the years, is that while you may have already envisioned yourself in that dress you saw in the magazine... the unfortunate part is that not every wedding dress is made for every body type, so you must choose a dress that best fits you. Here are a few of my suggestions that can help make dress shopping so much easier! 

The A-Line Dress

                                              (Photo found on Brides.com taken by Becca Lea Photography) 

The A-Line Dress has the skirt that gradually flares out from the waist to the floor. It highlights the narrowness of the midsection but allows other's eyes to float away from your hips and thighs. These dresses are a great fit for those with a pear shaped or plus sized body type. 

The Sheath Dress

                                           (Photo found on Brides.com taken by Brian Marcus of Fred Marcus Studio) 

The Sheath dress is a dressed designed with a simple silhouette as it helps to emphasize your body's natural shape with it's floor sweeping hem; it helps to give the woman who is tall in stature, small chested or petite a very slender and sleek chic look. Also, if you decide to wear a long sleeved dress, be sure that the sleeves hang longer than your wrist so to not give the illusion that the dress doesn't fit. 

*For those woman who are petite and small chested, consider a more riskier illusion deep V-neck, this design will accent your unique curves in all the right places in a dramatic yet sexy way. 

The Empire Dress

                                                 (Photo found on Brides.com taken by Julia Elizabeth Photography) 

The Empire dress is designed with a skirt that begins under the bust into a gradual A-Line. This dress is best fit for women who are considered Plus-sized, pear shaped or busty. Also, if you are busty, consider wearing a scooped neckline with straps or a sweetheart neckline if you go strapless as this will open up your face and displays just enough cleavage without showing too much. It will also help you to avoid a shelf like top.

The Ball Gown Dress


                                                 (Photo found on Brides.com taken by Sam Hurd) 

Who doesn't love the ball gown... to feel like a princess for the day in a dress that cinches at the waist and descends out into a full floor length skirt. It perfectly hides the lack of shape for some bodies such as those woman with a more straight-lined body type or the apple body type (broad/ large upper body and small waists, no hips or thighs). 

The Mermaid Dress

                                                 (Photo found on Brides.com taken by Kristen Lynne Photography) 

The Mermaid style dress and even the drop waist dresses are a dress that cinches at the smallest part on the waistline, usually through a built-in corset hiding underneath a lace bodice and then gradually flares out into an A shape skirt just below the hips. These dresses are perfect for the Apple Shape and Straight-lined shape as it creates the curves where needed.