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Tasteful Tip Tuesday: Top 5 Tips for Hosting Out of Town Guests

Post by Deniesha Johnson

Whether you're having an extravagant anniversary dinner, a big milestone birthday party, an intimate or over the top wedding; inviting guest from out of town for some can be a bit nerve wrecking. In some cases you worry that they won’t have much to do and over compensate with too many activities or you don’t consider them at all and plan little to nothing outside of your event.

Here we list some of our staple Do’s and Don’ts to consider when planning to host out of town guest at your next big event.


1)      Provide details

Think about the key activities that you would like your out of town guests to attend and provide that with your invitation. Most invitations should have the key details including travel accommodations and/or a wedding website that lists some fun activities for your guest.

You could also consider sending or providing additional communique that lays out all the details for the week or weekend, whether on the website or provided in a welcome basket or bag awaiting your guest at a hotel. Be sure to include details such as the Celebration Schedule:

  • List Dates & Times
  • Who is hosting
  • What to wear
  • Other key details like the costs to participate in the activity or if you are covering the cost.
  • A response requirement to plan accordingly for the financial or transportation expectations.

2)      Make necessary travel accommodations

  • Hotel Blocks
  • Transportation (provide rental car options but also try to provide shuttle bus or limo options if feasible)
  • Important Street addresses and directions
  • POC phone numbers in case of emergencies so that you aren’t boggled down by so much from your guests
  • Cost information

3)      Provide a Welcome gift

  • Include a welcome message inside a basket or bag with key essentials to help them get through the weekend.
  • Have snacks and water for the jet lagged travelers
  • Put list of activities of something fun and unique with essential details
  • List tour spots or significant events for your guest to consider specific to that weekend

4)      Plan at least one activity per day

  • Make sure the activity is not too risky or dangerous
  • Consider including the out of town guest at the rehearsal dinner
  • Plan a welcome cocktail hour for your guest to attend
  • Try not to have any lull moments where guest aren’t being entertained or cant’ find something to do.
  • When planning your day of schedule, try to keep the day’s events moving so that your out of town guests don’t notice the big gaps in the schedule.
  • Most couples host a post wedding brunch, they’ll use this time to open gifts with close family, friends or bridal party. Maybe consider inviting your out of town guests to this event so they have another opportunity to spend time with you.

All in all, most important to keep in mind is while its about you or “you” as a couple, try to remember to share in quality time with your guest… don’t be so consumed with event stuff. Hand over all the DIY and last minute detail stuff to a planner or day of coordinator so you can focus on your guests and enjoy your event.

Deniesha Johnson