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Thursday's Thoughts: 10 Dinner Party Ideas we're in love with!

Post by Deniesha Johnson (all images found on Pinterest)

For those of you who don't know, here at D. Johnson & Co. Events, we don't just plan weddings. We enjoy just about any celebration you can think of and dinner parties are no exception. 

A dinner party is an excuse for celebration... especially for the 30-somethings as its our version of a house party. Its also an opportunity to make lasting memories while we enjoy friends and family with great food, uplifting conversations and awesome laughs.

With all the talk of celebrations on the brain, we came up with our 10 favorite dinner party themes that'll inspire you and get you ready to party!!


1. Spring into Ladies Night. We just love this whimsical décor. It's a soft, beautiful and intimate theme of cool natural tones... the blues, blush, gray and white make our hearts flutter. You and your girls are bound to have a great night of Spring fun ahead.



2. Black and White, wine and cheese night! You can never go wrong with a black and white theme. The striped runner and gold accents paired with the fun pops of color in the floral arrangements makes for a fun night. Top it off with great aged wine and tasty cheeses and your guest will swoon. 



3. Bring a little fun and color to Mexican dinner night. There are tons of great dinner ideas you can make to fit this theme, and just about everyone loves Mexican food. But the décor is fun as well... bright colors and fun cut décor items such as the chair, vases or even paper banners brings a treat for the eyes as well. 



4. When Halloween meets Sophistication. We love this dinner party theme because its got the dark spooky edge that screams Halloween but with no horror or bloody mess. Its a real grown up way to celebrate Halloween with the black bottles, menus and utensils paired with gold accents which all bring an elegant and sophisticated touch to the table décor. 



5. Dinner parties don't have to be just for the grown-ups, and we love that family time can be shared among friends and family too. This end of the summer/beginning of fall back to school themed dinner party is fun, playful yet gives the parents an opportunity to get the kids excited for another school year ahead. 



6. A Gatsby kind of night. We love the opulence and grand feel with the tall centerpieces and feathers. The use of candles and sequin runner makes this retro theme a blast for any group to gather. 



7. Friendsgiving. It's simple, organic, clean and white but what we love most is that while this theme has so many simple elements it's very creative with a bit of grown up sophistication. The drawn on place setting and name cards are a great way to set up the perfect fun friendsgiving tablescape. 



8. Don't be late for this dinner date... We just love how eclectic and unique this Alice and Wonderland themed Dinner tea party hit the spot. The curved table, the mix of chairs and of course the fun accenting décor pieces makes this a dinner tea party worth the night.



9.  Hawaiian Tropical Luau Dinner Party. Its simple, its clean yet creative with the real fresh pineapples lined with tropical plant leaves as centerpieces. The balloons also bring a different element of color and height to this simple décor. 



10. Moroccan Nights. Who doesn't love a bit of Morocco for dinner... the food is delicious as is the bright color décor filled with lots of beautiful prints. Get a low seated table and lots of fluffy comfortable pillows and enjoy a night of culture with your friends. 

No matter what you decide for your theme, again, anytime you can gather in celebration with your friends and family is always a good time. 

What dinner party themes get you all a flutter?


Deniesha Johnson