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Rosalyn & Kenny  

Location: Private Resident
Season: August 2017

Event Vendors:

  • Officiant - Pastor Henry Brown
  • Photographer - Newer Studios
  • DJ - Prentiss Perry
  • Florist - Bouquets by Carolyn
  • Bakery - Buttercream cakes
  • Catering - Ms. Faye's Catering

When the love you have is so real, beautiful and intimate... you only want to share with those closest to your heart. For this particular event, Rosalyn and Kenny chose to have an intimate elegant outdoor wedding with hints of rustic elements. These two were not only committed to one another and God but committed to having a fun celebration that fully represented the two of them and their love. Through tearful vows, sincere toasts and shared kisses, these two had a romantic and memorable wedding. 

D. Johnson and Co Events came onboard to help implement this couple's vision and turn it into reality. We custom made their wedding stationery from invitations to the thank you notes, helped to come up with the floral design, created the tablescape design and event décor as well as making the custom cross for the ceremony and the wedding broom. The overall aesthetic for the #Sellerswedding2K17 was an all out success. 


Anjelica & Abe  

Location: Aria
Season: June 2017

Event Vendors:

  • Officiant: Joe Plumpe
  • Photographer - Melissa Hess of Rivets and Roses
  • DJ & Photo booth - Paul of Nora Events LLC
  • Florist - Martha's Garden
  • Doughnuts - Glam doll doughnuts
  • Catering - Deco Catering

Anjelica and Abe were a ball of fun, they were the easiest couple to work with. Although they traveled all the way from Arizona for their big day here in Minneapolis, we would say it was well worth it as their friends and family came out in full effect ready and excited to support their love for one another. The bride Anjelica was very prepared as well making sure that everything was exactly how she wanted so coordinating the day was a synch for us. The evening was beautiful and romantic filled with big smiles, lots of kisses and tons of dancing to old school hip hop.



Chantrea & Ernest

Location: Legacy Hill Farm
Season: May 2017

Event Vendors:

  • Officiant: Judge Tanya Bransford
  • Photographer - Whims and Joy
  • DJ - Events by MV
  • Florist - Bouquets by Carolyn
  • Bakery - Hyvee
  • Catering & Bar - This Little Piggy

The joining of two people in matrimony also means that their families are being united in love. What I enjoyed most about this couple was that they were also uniting two cultures as the bride was Cambodian and the groom African American. While we didn't plan to celebrate much in a traditional Cambodian way, we made sure to include some of the key cultural aspects into this couples big day. They were both a very hands on couple sharing their ideas and making sure the wedding reflected both of them and their cultures. The two of them loved the simple vintage feel of the Rustic ambiance yet with an elegant touch. We used simple ivory, bold navy, pops of mauve, accents of gold and hints of green along with mason jars and colored bottles to bring their vision to life.

D. Johnson & Co coordinated the décor, incorporating the couple's style into the theme of the event, created and designed custom stationery items, wedding broom and implemented the day of coordination.  We definitely made sure that the bride and groom #walkerdowntheaisle. 


Janae & Travon

Location: Private Residence in Woodbury MN
Season: September 2016

Event Vendors:

  • Officiant: William Seth Martin
  • Photographer - Newer Studios
  • DJ - DJ Advance
  • Florist - Bouquets by Carolyn
  • Bakery - Buttercream cakes
  • Makeup - Bryanna
  • Catering - Jokky's Catering LLC

This was by far one of our most exciting events to date because the Bride reached out to us to help them plan a surprise wedding for their guest. The couples initial date was set for July 4th in Mexico but due to unforeseen circumstances they needed to postpone with no further details to share. However, a month after the first wedding date, guest received an invitation to the Janae's surprise birthday dinner in September thrown by Travon (the "Groom")... an elegant outdoor dinner party theme. But the guests were the ones in for the surprise as she stepped out in her bridal gown and bouquet, father and ring bearer on each of her arms as she walked tearfully down the aisle towards her Groom. 

D. Johnson & Co helped to coordinate the décor rental, incorporate the couple's style into the theme of the event, created and designed custom stationery items, wedding broom and implemented the day of coordination. #thesurpriseIDOs turned out to be a great event with the use of soft whimsical white and blush flowers, a touch of green kissed with hints of gold highlighted throughout the décor and theme of the wedding. A very natural and rustic feel yet with a very elegant ambiance.


Lavelle & Charles

Location: Ceremony held at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Washington DC & Reception held at National Golf Club FT Washington, MD
Season: August 2016

Event Vendors:

  • Officiant: Father Raymond Moore
  • Photographer - Dejohn Davis
  • DJ - Mike Scott
  • Florist - Bride
  • Bakery - Creative Cake
  • Photobooth - Sweet Little Notions
  • Makeup - Ciara Tally
  • Catering - National Golf Club

he Bride reached out to us as she had majority of the wedding planned out or organized yet she need a bit more guidance to track her progress and requested for D. Johnson & Co's custom stationery work and day of coordination. Soft elegance and whimsical fun were highlighted throughout the décor and theme of the wedding with blush and navy tones accented by bold touches of gold.


Lisa & Andre

Location: Loring Green Condominiums
Season: August 2016

Event Vendors:

  • Officiant: Judge Regina Choo
  • Photographer - Al Finley
  • DJ - Charles Martin
  • Florist - Hy-Vee
  • Bakery - Hy-Vee
  • Makeup - Ashley Evans
  • Catering - Famous Dave's

The couple Andre Walker & his bride to be Lisa Buford, approached us to be their wedding event coordinator soon after they decided on a date, leaving only 4 and a half months to get everything organized and ready for their intimate big day. As we began to meet and discuss their vision and theme, we realized they didn't know where to begin or what they needed to prepare for their wedding, so D. Johnson & Co presented them with the full planning services along with custom services for their broom and event stationery.

Bold colors of Red, shades of Pink and accents of Gold on top of elements of wood slabs or burlap were used to tie in the look and romantic feel the couple wanted. Along with the use of rich red Roses and soft pink Dahlias, D. Johnson & Co was able to give the couple the rustic/vintage glam wedding they longed for.


Erica & Roy

Location: Chicago Illinois - Ceremony held at Windsor Lutheran Evangelical Church & Reception held at Little Black Pearl Workshop
Season: October 2010

Event Vendors:

  • Ceremony Musicians: WPLE Bell Choir and Leonard Razor
  • Photographer: Jolie Photography
  • Videographer: Robert Williams/Fletcher Neely
  • Catering: Campbell's Caribbean Cuisine
  • Bakery: Cream Cake Co. 

The bride and groom were looking for someone to help with day of coordination, to allow the two of them to enjoy their big day without the stress or worry of all the little details. 

wo months prior to the big day, the bride reached out to D. Johnson & Co for assistance and we took over the wedding production to make it a timeless event that both the newly weds and their guest truly enjoyed.


LaTwanna & Antwon

Location: Maplewood Community Center
Season: September 2010

Event Vendors:

  • Photographer - Kelly Trippler
  • DJ - Events by MV
  • Florist - Bouquets by Carolyn

The couple Antwon Williams & his bride to be LaTwanna Rudolph, approached us to be their wedding event coordinator soon after they were engaged. As we began to meet and discuss their relationship, how they met or what they envisioned; we were brought to the night of their first date. They attended a movie "Idlewild" and on that night Antwon spoke of his future telling LaTwanna that he could see his self marrying her. 

So it was born, the idea to incorporate pieces of the artistic movie "Idlewild" into their wedding plans and décor was fitting. But it didn't stop there, as a theatre major from Concordia College the bride to be wanted a bit more; paired with the vibrant attitude of the groom to be it was decided the theme of the wedding was "Movie"! 

Bold colors of Red accented by champagne, feathers, pearls,  tea light candles and ribbons surely made this a best selling Movie Premiere to be seen!


Amber & Ron

Location: Scherer’s Garden of Eagan & Ideal Hall
Season: July 2010

Event Vendors:

  • Florals - Bouquets by Carolyn
  • Photographer - Atousa Paulson
  • Transportation - Renee’s Royal Valet
  • Bakery - Buttercream Cake

The bride and her mother reached out to D. Johnson & Co when the planning process was beginning to become overwhelming for them both to handle. They had a venue, now all they needed was help to tie in the rest of the details to get things finalized. 9 months out from "the big day", we helped pull in the coulples request to have an Elegant wedding coupled with a whimsical feel full of love and romance.


Avra & Jose

Location: Elm Creek Chalet
Season: July 2010

Event Vendors:

  • Florals - D. Johnson & Company 
  • Photographer - Daniel Gazca
  • Lighting & Rentals - We’ve Got It Covered!
  • Bakery - Katie Meehan

A flustered bride approached D. Johnson & Co. with the need of some assistance to complete her dream wedding. As she wanted some guidance on traditional wedding rituals, the timeline for the day and the management of the vendors so that she and her groom to be could bask in their love on their big day. D. Johnson & Co stepped in to accommodate to her requests. 

We helped this bride so she could focus on the rich and vibrant wedding she had started to plan. Full of lavish turquoise, emerald green and gold elements displayed on the table tops down to the cake. This peacock wedding found it's groove!


Custom Designed Event Stationery, Floral Bouquets & Centerpieces and Brooms

Here you'll find a display of different items we have custom made for our clients to fit their needs and desires for their event. We do just about everything from custom event stationery to folded napkins, center pieces, floral bouquets and so much more.

Being that Deniesha has a strong art background, everything she does is creatively and intricately designed with your personal style in mind. We are open to create what we can for you and your event but specialize in custom event stationary, center pieces and bouquets.